Selasa, 29 Maret 2016


Thank you for participating in the event ICSAR-7 series 2017

Special Education Department

Faculty of Education

State University of Malang

See you in ICSAR series-8 in KOREA


Special Education (PLB) has long been a topic of discussion at various levels. Special Education has gone through many changes and advances in the education system in the region. So far, an exceptional education continues to grow and strengthen its position in education, while also providing opportunities and space for children with special needs (ABK) to prepare for independent and contribute to society and the state. But once the Special Education will no doubt still requires various improvements of various aspects. The education system is more competent and able to meet the needs of this group. Education is an important thing for the stakeholders, without the perfect education, special needs children will be left behind in the current development that is being rapidly. Therefore, the stakeholders should be given the same right to education as normal children.

          The inclusion education has now become a requirement in providing education to children with special needs which mostly has been carried out developed by countries in the world have carried out. Inclusive education has many boondoggle for Children with Special Needs. Besides being able to improve self-confidence, inclusive education can also give awareness to the public about the existence of ABK. Through inclusive education community will be aware of the role they can play to promote the existence of ABK. All agencies and institutions actually have a responsibility in improving the implementation of inclusive education. Successful implementation of inclusive education can have a positive effect on the whole education system. Hopefully this becomes optional pure effort towards realizing a fully ABK education as stated in the basic law / regulations. With respect it, this seminar with the theme Reorientation of Special Education in the Context of Increased Independence of Children with Special Needs as the main theme will be the foundation for all intellectuals, educators and academics in the field of Special Education to work together to exchange thoughts, ideas and views in improving education inclusive and special education.

We are from the Department of Special Education Faculty of Education, University of Malang proud to host the "International Conference On Special Education In Southeast Asia Region" ICSAR 7th.
We welcome all the educational community to participate in this activity, either as speakers or participants.

Facilities Seminar Includes:

  • Seminar kit
  • Lunch and snack
  • Certificate, awarded after the seminar
  • Books Proceedings (ISSN) according to the field, the book instantly available during the seminar
  • CD complete proceedings for non-speakers and
  • Selected papers will be facilitated for Jurna published in "Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pendidikan Luar Biasa" (APPKhI) and International Journals.